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HACIMS is a web based health care ERP solution, developed in house by MegaPlus Technologies. This health care application covering the necess9t9es of the private/teaching hospitals and allowing them to communicate clinical data at National and international level. HACIMS incorporates Health Level 7 that provides standards for the exchange of data among worldwide healthcare computing applications. Several other standards are also used in conjunction with HL7 such as ICD-10 disease codes, ICD-10 procedure codes, LOINC, DICOM.

  • HACIMS Modules
  • System contained predefined patient treatment templates for each specialization. Each Template contains lot of medical terminologies for presenting complaints, and physical Examination etc. These medical terminologies mapped with different international standard's medical terminologies for exchange of information.
  • Customization of the software according to the Hospital Consultant requirements.
  • Graphical representation of diagnosis or procedures etc. related to each specialization.
  • Whole system Clicks based informatics, an optional text entry field also provided for each screens
  • Automatically generation of Editable English narrative which assist users in creating quick reports in narrative format.
  • Auto-diagnosis, User enter/selects the value of different medical terminologies and system help in narrative format.
  • Centralized data storage and access via internet or intranet. No need to deploy each terminal.
  • Easy to integrate with hospital other software system ( Hr, Finance etc ) via web services
  • HACIMS offers hospital Automation in true in true sense of paperless Electronic Health Record.
  • Through Data Dashboards showing Daily Summary of All Activities.
  • Administration Overheads Reduction Through Automated Budgeting, Payroll, Billing and Asset Management.
  • Greater Patient Care through Alerts, Disease Management, Clinical Knowledge Base and Templates
  • Monthly & Yearly evaluation of Hospital Output.
  • ED-Base Architecture for 24*7 availability.
  • Billing of services for patient and panel companies.
  • Teaching Hospitals have their Own Hierarchy and need specialized modules for Research.
  • enerates a comprehensive log of all actions undertaken by various users for audit trail.

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